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Lane house on Nanchang Road
21,000/month (2020-09-27)




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Road summary

      Nanchang Road includes Route Dollfus and Route Vallon in the concession era. Taohefeisi Road is a small section between Chongqing South Road and Yandang Road at the eastern end of Nanchang Road. In 1902, the French Concession Bureau was built across the border. The original name was Rue des Officies. In 1920, it was the French military official. And Fischer changed its name to Tao and Feiji Road.
      Huanlong Road is the most section of Nanchang Road west of Yandang Road. In 1912, the French Concession Bureau was built across the border and named after the French pilot. In 1914, Taohefeisi Road and Huanlong Road were all included in the Shanghai French Concession. In 1943, the Wang Jingwei regime accepted the Shanghai French Concession and renamed the two roads to Nanchang Road, the capital of Jiangxi Province.
      Nanchang Road is traditionally a residential area. Famous residences include Shanghai Villa 110-134 and Villa 136-146. The Science Hall of No. 47 Yandang Road, in the east section, was originally a legal school. There is a Fuxing Park not far from the south side of the road.


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120 sqms


 3 mins walking distance to Middle Huaihai Road Station of Line 13

 9 mins walking distance to South Shanxi Road Station of Line 1, Line 10 & Line 12

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Tel: +8621-62404052 Mobile:+86 182 1709 2215

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