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Old house on Taojiang Road
34,000/month (2020-09-27)




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Property Information
Road summary

      Formerly known as Taojiang road and Darnley Road, was born in Shanghai in 1913 before the French concession. Just less than 500 meters on the road, with the Indus whirling shadows, different feelings of old-fashioned street lamps, more hidden hundreds of years past Shanghai legend.
      Taojiang Road on the west side there is a 200 meter long "grid bomb", the whole road is by hand slowly, pebble stone paving, this is the characteristics of old Shanghai. Shanghai is one of the favorite stroll. On both sides of the road to save a few old foreign style house, they or privately owned, or has been converted into a few buyers; fashion shops, petty restaurant, crowded, but without losing the taste of Shanghai. Taojiang Road, there are many old houses, some of the foreigners after the RE modification of the favorite rental, and some were converted into a restaurant, cafe, in addition to open the old villa new life.

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80 sqms


 8 mins walking distance to Changshu Road Station of Line 1 & Line 7

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Tel: +8621-62404052 Mobile:+86 182 1709 2215

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